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Watermelon & Rainbows Swedish Dishcloth

Watermelon & Rainbows Swedish Dishcloth


Ditch your grubby old sponge forever! Once you use swedish dishcloths you'll never use a sponge to clean with again. Here are some fun facts about swedish dishclothes:

1. They can absorb up to 20x their weight in water

2. They are biodegradable (compost them along with your veggie scraps)

3. They dry super fast, making them less stinky than a sponge

4. They can replace ~17 rolls of paper towels

5. They will last 6-9 months!!


Use them with plain water, or with your favorite cleaner. After use, simply rise and hang or lay flat to dry. When it needs a more thorough clean (~ 1x/week), you can put it in the washing machine or the dishwasher. 

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