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Sid Dickens Memory Block Tile T05 'Wing'

Sid Dickens Memory Block Tile T05 'Wing'


Retired Sid Dickens memory block tile T05 'Wing'. It's meaning: A rustling of memory, this wing, this fragment. Fallen to earth or rising upward, fast moving as thought. Floating us to that light and timeless home of angels. Collection: 1998. Measures 6" x 8". 


About Sid Dickens Memory Block Tiles:

Memory Blocks are hand crafted plaster made in Vancouver, BC by artist, Sid Dickens. They are finished to a porcelain-like quality and cracked to create an aged look and feel. Each Memory Block is made from hand-poured plaster. Each tile is hand-painted by artists who also apply different finishes, including silver and gold leafing. Memory Blocks are then hand-stained to ensure the consistency of style through the different tiles.

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