Peppermint And Vanilla Bean Sugar Scrub

Peppermint And Vanilla Bean Sugar Scrub


Exfoliation is beneficial to our skin and general health. This creamy polish is the perfect pick-me-up with the natural aroma of energizing peppermint softened with lovely vanilla bean infused plant oils. Finely ground organic cranberry seeds blended with organic cane sugar plus a generous amount of organic shea butter uncovers beautiful skin. Enjoy head-to-toe.

  • Product Details

    Presented in 4 oz recyclable/reusable frosted glass jar.

    As with all natural self-care products, for maximum shelf life it is best to store your scrub in a room temperature (or cooler) environment, out of direct sunlight. Under normal conditions you can expect your scrub to have a shelf life of 6 months for best product aroma and performance.

    Made in the USA by 407 Botanicals