Lavender & Flax Filled Eye Mask

Lavender & Flax Filled Eye Mask


A luxuriously made eye mask filled with fragrant french lavender and flax seed. Silky soft to the touch and utterly soothing on a headache or to relieve stress. Perfect for savasana at the end of your yoga class or to bring along when you travel to adjust to jet lag. Store in the freezer for cold use or heat in the microwave.  

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    Comes packaged ready for gifting, but we won't blame you if you keep it for yourself! The eye mask is designed to fit the countours of your face, so you can relax into a restful sleep. 

    Heat in the microwave or store in the freezer to experience the benefits of hot or cold therapy. Since microwaves vary, it is recommended starting at 45 to 60 seconds and increasing in 10 second intervals to achieve the desired amount of warmth. Shake the mask before each increase to distribute the heat.

    Fresh from Oregon by the lovely ladies at Victoria's Lavender in Newberg!