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Newest Arrivals

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About The Meadowlark Mercantile

With its bright yellow plumage and happy, melodic tune the Western Meadowlark brightens your day with both its presence and its song. Just as The Meadowlark Mercantile strives to brighten your day by offering a variety of interesting, funny, beautiful finds that espouse the values we believe in. With a love of craft fairs, farmers markets and junk hunts, we started The Meadowlark Mercantile to bring that same eclectic feel to our boutique store. We hope our growing selection of new products and vintage finds will be perfect for that next gift needed for a special occasion…but who are we kidding, you’ll probably want to keep everything for yourself. 


We value and support products that are:

  • Eco-friendly

  • Small batch

  • From Female-owned businesses

  • Crafted by female artisans

Thank you for supporting our small business so we can keep supporting other small businesses!



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